chopal m. chopera.

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  • chopal — o chopalera m. o f. Chopera. * * * chopal. m. chopera …   Enciclopedia Universal

  • Nerwa (Chopal), Shimla — Nerwa is a small beautiful town in Shimla District of Himachal Pradesh. It is around 120 KM from Shimla in H.P. and lies on the border of Utranchal and H.P. It is situated by a small river known by the name Shalu.It is very famous for the… …   Wikipedia

  • chopalera — chopal o chopalera m. o f. Chopera. * * * chopalera. f. chopera. * * * ► femenino Terreno poblado de chopos …   Enciclopedia Universal

  • Dönden — Der 6. Karmapa Thongwa Dönden (tib.: mthong ba don ldan; * 1416 in Kham; † 1453) war der 6. Karmapa der Karma Kagyü Schule des tibetischen Buddhismus. Biographie Thongwa Dönden erklärte als Kind bei einer Begegnung mit Ngompa Chadral, einem… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Shamarpa — (bo tw|t=ཞྭ་དམར་པ་|w=Zhwa dmar pa; literally, Person (i.e. Holder) of the Red Crown )cite web last =Karmapa International Buddhist Institute s translation team. title = A Brief History of the Karmapa Shamarpa Lineages url=http://www.bodhipath… …   Wikipedia

  • Pasa of Silla — Infobox Korean name rr=Pasa Isageum mr=P asa Isagŭm hangul=파사 이사금 hanja=婆娑尼師今Pasa Isageum (? 112, r. 80 112) was the fifth ruler of Silla, one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea. He is commonly called Pasa Isageum, isageum being the royal title in… …   Wikipedia

  • Chaupal — (Hindi Urdu: चौपाल or چوپال), or Chopal, can refer to: Chaupal (public space), a community building or space in the rural areas of North India and Pakistan Chaupal, Himachal Pradesh, a town in Himachal Pradesh, India Chopala, a town in Punjab… …   Wikipedia

  • Gaya-Silla Wars — The Gaya Silla Wars were a series of conflicts between the ancient Korean Kingdom of Silla and the Gaya confederacy.Silla began as one of the six ruling clans of Saro. Around 80 AD, the leadership of Saro was seized and consolidated by Talhae of… …   Wikipedia

  • Jinhan Conquest — Saro, the most powerful statelet of the Jinhan confederacy, conquered each of the other statelets and later became Silla. Timeline *79? :U si and Kueo ch’il 1st part Northwards * 102 : Eumjipbeol (present day northern Gyeongju), 음즙벌국 * 104 :… …   Wikipedia

  • Saurath Sabha — Saurath is a village situated six Kilometers north east of Madhubani town in Madhubani District of Bihar. It is famous for being the place where thousands of Maithil Brahaman converged to fix marriage during marriage season. The people gathered… …   Wikipedia

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